We can see the most popular font name ‘ Helvetica ‘ on the flag of the truck or on the office of the High Commissioner for refugees in the United Nations (UN), or even album called “A Love Supreme” of jazz musicians by John Coltrane and label all parts of the subway in the United States.

Helvetica has 50-year anniversary on May 9, even though many people may not have heard the name before, but this font, it’s no wonder that everyone must become more familiar with the page font. Of course, because we frequently encounter unexpected because each company over 3000 pieces of text printed in Helvetica with each passing day. Even in our computer, with this font.


Helvetica can send messages quickly and efficiently without having to crowd themselves. If anyone reading this letter, it is difficult to recognize the format. Just remember what it means, because it is a clean and comfortable font is easy to read with drawn round the soft and rounded.

A comparison of the fonts that have been beautifully designed, such as Helvetica, including other fonts available on your computer such as: Verdana and Georgia with the fonts in the 18th century, Baskerville and Bodoni  and technique-oriented value does not differ from the clothes, garments and luxury cars. A different point is that these fonts do not need to use the money for several hundred thousand dollars to land because it is completely free.

We can read any fonts, fonts are free! If the published books or magazines have paid fees to the owner of the font. In addition, we can also choose to read or send e-mail with Helvetica font, Verdana, or Georgia because these fonts free software comes with most computers already exist.


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