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Branding & Logos


The logo is not just only a symbol, but an effective logo design can also increase reliability, to present and preserve memories of individuals or organisation. (Justcreative, 2010). The logo is one aspect of a company’s commercial brand, or economic entity, and its shapes, colours, font and images. Logos are also identifying individual products and services. Moreover, a logo, brochures, business cards can be made into t-shirts and other websites in order to create a business identity. (Microworlds 2014) The logo may also appear as characters with distinctive patterns or images that have the company name on the product.

An important element of the design that can make more efficient thinking to logo design is as follows:

  • Simple

The emphasis on simplicity is the essence of the logo. The logo must be consistent with the meaning in themselves with the slogan, letters and concepts on the market.

  • Memorable

The consistency will be memorable, a logo should be designed to be simple and clear, so that the customer will be able to see or recognize it easily.

  • Timeless

An effective logo should be timeless – the meaning of the logo will not fade away easily (unless the company has a brand new logo). If the logo is changed frequently, will affect the brand, products, customers will feel no trust in the product.

  • Appropriate

Before selecting colours, select the shape; we need to know before that what expression do you want to put on a logo, that the expression in which we choose, it should be consistent with the look of the brand that we want to design.



Furthermore, the research can indicate all the branding logo, the most well known logos are that Nike, Adidas, Apple, and etc. Branding logo must be reminded of the big companies, such as Nike, Adidas and Apple, but to create a successful brand, they must have their own design and makes it easy to understand. Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman was founded the company in 1964. (TODAY I FOUND 2014). The Nike trademark symbol, the designer is the graduate student named Caroline Davidson. Nike is the Greek goddess of victory. Nike was the graduation of the strong image that has a check mark symbol, which represents the wings of the Greek goddess of victory Nike. (TODAY I FOUND 2014)


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