Responsive Design Report


The main objective of this report is to research the process and principles of responsive web design. Researching has gathered information through the websites and books to help find primary and secondary research for responsive web design carried out in this report. The results of the research have concluded that there are several steps to creating a responsive website and each step must take into consideration user requirements and needs.

This report will be looking into the process of designing a responsive website because nowadays, most designers need to know how create a responsive website in the industry and adding functionality for users. If users can access the website through smartphones or tablets, the website will be their primary choice compared to other websites. To make the responsive web design must be used a fluid grid, flexible images and CSS3 media queries, which are described in this report.



CSS – Cascading Style Sheets
DTD – Document Type Definition
HTML – HyperText Markup Language
RWD – Responsive Web Design
UI – User Interface
UX – User Experience
UXD – User Experience Design
W3C – World Wide Web Consortium
WD – Web Design
Anime refers to Japanese animated cartoons. Most of art looks different to cartoon file from other sources. Anime is mainly drawn up by hand, but nowadays most artist using computer software to create an anime industry. Most anime created to provide entertainment like movies with a variety of themes and covers almost all the literary genres.



This report contains information about responsive web design, which is a method of design that emphasizes on building sites and creating a collaborative user experience. Moreover, it is characterized with easy reading and navigation with existence of minimum resizing, scrolling and panning in various ranges of devices such as desktop and mobile interfaces.

TNT (n.d.) suggested the approach upholds a mixture of responsive images, CSS media queries, flexible grids and layouts. Users should be in a position to switch from computer to mobile phones and for the website to accommodate spontaneously. Including the switching of resolutions, scripting abilities and the image resizing according to Frain (2012). The technology adopted in website development needs to automatically respond to the users preference. The advantages of this approach lies on elimination of different design and development phases that demands a new device in the market.



Research & Analysis